Proxy Mitigations

Understanding Mitigations

Mitigations enable you to take specific actions when a Proxy Rule is triggered. Add a New Mitigation by clicking "Mitigate" in the top right portion of a Proxy Rule's management interface.

Mitigations are executed during the "Detect & Mitigate" phase of your Proxy Stack.

Forward Request

This Mitigation allows you to proxy or redirect the request to an external location transparently. It's most useful for routing requests to different endpoints based on specified criteria.

  • Alias

  • URL

  • Behavior

    • Same content different endpoint (Proxy to different location)

    • Completely different content (Redirect)

Direct Response

This action enables you to send a response with custom, static content when an issue is identified. It's ideal for serving predefined responses when a rule is triggered.

  • Alias

  • Content Type

  • Content

Incident Management

(Beta) Managed incident response action provides tooling to keep your customers informed during incidents. These integrate with incident management systems to automate the response process, improving communication and reducing resolution times.

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