Proxy Stack

What is the Proxy Stack?

The Proxy Stack refers to the sequential set of actions executed by the Qpoint Proxy during an API transaction. Each action in the stack, termed as an "App", is triggered in the order they appear in the Proxy Stack. The collective execution of these Apps results in a complete API transaction through the Qpoint proxy. Initially, the stack comprises three default Apps:

  • Report Usage

  • Proxy Request

  • Detect & Mitigate

Customizing the Proxy Stack

To tailor the actions performed during an API transaction, you can modify the Proxy Stack by incorporating bespoke logic. Click on the "Add App" button to start customizing.

When adding custom logic to the Qpoint Stack, you have two main options:

Qpoint Library

The Library is a collection of pre-configured Apps ready for integration into your stack. It allows you to implement common functionalities without the need to write code.

Custom Code

You also have the option to inject your own custom code into the Qpoint Stack. This can be done in two different ways.

Inline Code

Directly write and deploy Javascript code within the Qpoint interface to accomplish desired outcomes. Leverage the templates our team has made available in order to jump start your progress or start from scratch.

External Code

Import code from external sources through NPM, facilitating the utilization of pre-existing libraries or frameworks.

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