Third Party API Catalogue

Traffic Cataloguing

After successfully installing the gateway, Qpoint immediately begins to recognize and catalog all third-party APIs routed through it. To view a list of these identified vendors, simply navigate to and select "Security" located in the top left corner of the interface.

If no vendors have yet to be discovered, you'll see "Waiting for vendors"

Access Control

Once a vendor has been identified, you're given the option to Block or Allow the endpoint in question.

Add Middleware

You're given the option to add middleware into the proxy stack, which can be used to accomplish a variety of different goals. This may include intercepting, modifying, or adding additional logic to the traffic flow, such as:

  • Authentication

  • Logging

  • Data Transformation

  • Rate Limiting

Selecting "Add Middleware" will deploy the necessary configuration to your Gateway. Once a vendor has Middleware enabled, you can click on the vendor link to see the Vendor View.

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