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Once you've enabled middleware on a Vendor in the Security tab, there are a number of settings which allow you to tune how the proxy interacts with your traffic and what information is logged for debugging. We'll describe each subsection of the Proxy Configuration & Management menu below.



The overview section is designed to give you real-time information about the traffic passing through your proxy "at a glance". It summarizes things like:

  • Error Types

  • Error Rates

  • Total Requests



The errors dashboard gives you information about the frequency of detected or mitigated issues. Qpoint allows you to configure what is defined as an "error" in the Rules subsection (below). By default, any 500 response will result in the API transaction being recorded as an error.


Rules allow you to manage how Qpoint will interpret the traffic passing through the proxy endpoint, and enable you to take action on (mitigate) any issues that are identified. Rules are executed during the "Detect & Mitigate" phase of your Proxy Stack (below). There are 5 default rules created, which can be toggled or modified at your discretion:

  • Debug

  • App Error

  • Infrastructure Outage

  • Not Found

  • Slow Response

For a more comprehensive dive into Rules, check out our guide on Proxy Rules



Any traffic passing through the proxy which meets the criteria of a Rule (above) will be recorded here. By default, only 5xx errors will be recorded.

To capture all 2xx, 4xx, and 5xx responses, enable the default "Debug" Rule or add 2xx to an existing enabled Rule.


The App URL under Forward Traffic allows you to configure the endpoint you'd like to forward your traffic to once it hits the Qpoint Proxy.

We recommend leaving this untouched for Transparent mode.



The Stack allows you to modify the pre-configured actions taken by the Proxy, or to add your own custom actions to extend the Proxy's capabilities. By default, the Stack will:

  • Report Usage

  • Proxy Request

  • Detect & Mitigate

For a more comprehensive dive into Rules, check out our guide on the Proxy Stack


The settings page allows you to see the current status of your deployment.

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